It’s always good to get out and about in Scotland, so we enjoyed travelling up North to deliver a range of health and safety training to the team at Perle Oban as they got their new hotel ready to open. The hotel is part of the Perle Hotels group, an independent hotelier with 3 existing locations on the beautiful Isle of Skye.

We were on site to do a general Health and Safety ‘walk round’ and review with staff to identify potential hazards and risks prior to opening, as well as a Fire Risk Assessment, and sessions of Fire Warden, First Aid and IOSH Working Safely training. Our aim has been to ensure that their health and safety arrangements reflect their corporate values, as well as ensuring that their legal duties and responsibilities are fully considered.

The work we’ve done so far has given them a solid grounding in health and safety, and made sure that their staff have the knowledge to be able to support customers in the event of an emergency – and most importantly, the skills to help prevent one from ever occuring.

It has been a great experience working alongside the Perle Oban team, helping them to make sure that a positive Health and Safety culture is embedded in the hotel right from the start. We wish them all the best at their new site!

Opening up new premises is always a busy time for any company, and sometimes Health and Safety considerations get put to one side. But leaving health and safety training and management for later is just not worth the risk. We can be there to assist you from the start – making sure health and safety are integrated from day 1 and that your team and assets are protected. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help you as your business grows. Call 0141 244 0181 or email