Amalgamate is straight off the starting line after winning a three year contract to provide expert health and safety advice and act as Competent Safety Advisor for sportscotland – the national agency for sport. As one of Scotland’s leading health and safety consultancy specialists, Amalgamate will be offering comprehensive advice and ongoing support to sportscotland at sites throughout Scotland.

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Our Director, Allan MacDonald, commented: “Working with such a great Scottish organisation is brilliant for Amalgamate. We admire sportscotland’s commitment to health and safety, and their target of zero accidents and zero work-related ill health, and believe that we are well-placed to help them achieve their goals via our pro-active methods, partnering approach and dedication to ‘best practice’ standards in health and safety management.

We’re looking forward to developing strong partnerships with the senior management team and their national centre principals. We’ll be providing mentoring and coaching, and driving engagement to deliver a consistent safety message and cohesive advice across all sportscotland’s operations.”

Director of Corporate Services at sportscotland, Stuart Ogg, said: “Health and safety is of critical importance to all aspects of sportscotland’s operations and we are delighted to be working in partnership with Amalgamate. Amalgamate’s expertise and experience in the field of health and safety will be of huge benefit to sportscotland in the months and years ahead.”

As part of their work with sportscotland, Amalgamate will build on existing skills, knowledge and experience, to enhance safety-led behaviours, develop standards and improve safety performance. A key priority is to engage people across the organisation in managing everyday health and safety matters, and further develop a pro-active health and safety culture.

We use a collaborative approach with clear objectives that can make significant improvements to the wider success of an organisation, as well as helping them meet their health and safety objectives.

To learn more about the range of consultancy services that we can provide, visit our Consultancy page. If you’d like to get in touch, email us at or phone 0141 244 0181 for Glasgow, or 01294 443 806 for North Ayrshire.