We’ve recently been on site at Ayrshire Tree Surgeons to carry out Covid-19 fogging in some of their offices and corridors. Below, we will give you some information about fogging and how it can help your business as we battle the spread of Covid-19.


What is Covid-19 fogging?

Fogging is a process ensuring that those parts of your workplace which are most often in contact with people are thoroughly disinfected. Disinfectant is sprayed using a fogging machine and is effective in disinfecting hard to reach surfaces, areas often missed or forgotten and confined spaces. Fogging is an additional measure that should be used following general cleaning and disinfection.

You can read more about fogging from BioHygiene here.

We also have a page about our environmental cleaning services you can read here.


To conclude

At Amalgamate, we arrange and provide both preventative and reactive disinfection. We also provide Covid-19 compliance audits, including advice on appropriate signage, risk assessments, safe methods of communication, social distancing and more. These services have allowed us to mitigate the risk of contamination at a number of our clients premises and protect the health and safety of essential staff, visitors and contractors.


If your company could benefit from our fogging services or any of our other Covid-19 compliance services, please get in touch on t: +44 (0)141 244 0181 or e: