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Fire Safety Advice for Evolution Skatepark

Amalgamate are delighted to be providing fire safety advice to Evolution Skatepark – an extreme sports facility in Ayrshire. The park is run by a community group, and offers children and young people a safe and secure environment in which to participate in a range of sports, including BMX, skateboarding and in-line skating. 

We’re particularly pleased to be involved in helping the park improve its safety, as we can see what an asset it is to the community. It’s a great example of a facility that has been built to meet specific local needs – providing leisure services, tackling youth crime, encouraging a healthier lifestyle, and improving the general opinion of the community in relation to young people within the local area.   fire safety advice skatepark

Amalgamate has been taken on to carry out a comprehensive review of the park’s fire safety. Workplace fire safety is a big responsibility – on average about 20,000 fires occur in non-domestic properties every year in the UK. These lead to approximately 1,000 injured people, and around 20 deaths, not to mention the costs related to damage to property and assets. So making sure that risks are methodically assessed and reduced is a key part of any health and safety management plan.

To help Evolution Skatepark manage fire safety better, we’ve carried out fire risk assessments on the various buildings on their site, including the office, shop, toilet block, kitchen, etc.

The key steps in our Fire Risk Assessment process involve helping the team at the park to:

  • Identify people at risk
  • Identify fire hazards
  • Assess and reduce risks
  • Record, plan, inform, instruct and train their staff
  • Review their performance

Our fire safety specialists have investigated elements of fire protection, fire prevention and fire safety/management to ensure we could provide the park with the best possible fire safety advice in the form of a clear and concise report that enables actions to be taken swiftly to protect the park’s staff and assets.

We’re proud to work with Evolution Skatepark, giving them the information and support they need to meet their health and safety goals. If you’re looking for fire safety advice, or just want to know more about our health and safety services, e-mail us at or call our Glasgow office on 0141 244 0181 or our Ayrshire office on 01294 443 806.

HSE’s Training Guidance Changes for First Aid Courses

The Health and Safety Executive have recently amended their First Aid at Work training guidance, bringing in improvements to content, and recommending more modern teaching styles. The main changes are:

The introduction of blended learning as an accepted method of first aid training delivery. This allows a combination of both online digital media and traditional classroom methods being used together.

The addition of AED (defibrillator) use to First Aid at Work/Emergency First Aid at Work course content. As the number of workplaces that have an AED installed is increasing, the addition of this in the training gives First Aiders the knowledge and confidence to use one if they have to.

Here at Amalgamate, we’ve already been including AED training in our First Aid courses as we believe that they can make a big difference to survival rates. So we’re pleased to see the HSE changing their training guidance to ensure that AED training becomes more widespread.

Haemostatic dressings/tourniquets have been added as examples of additional training/equipment that might be identified as appropriate in an employer’s needs assessment. A workplace would need a risk assessment to be carried out first to determine if this would be a necessary requirement, but for industries such as forestry/arboriculture the addition of this to the first aid training would be invaluable.

We can support in the development of risk assessments for this, and we also have trainers qualified in the teaching of catastrophic bleeding, ready to provide this training to your team.

First Aid training is an integral part of workplace safety, and we have a number of different options to suit all kinds of businesses. For more information, visit our Training page, contact us by email at or phone our Glasgow office on (0141) 244 0181 or our Ayrshire office on (01294) 443 806.



What a team! Amalgamate secures 3 year health and safety contract with sportscotland

Amalgamate is straight off the starting line after winning a three year contract to provide expert health and safety advice and act as Competent Safety Advisor for sportscotland – the national agency for sport. As one of Scotland’s leading health and safety consultancy specialists, Amalgamate will be offering comprehensive advice and ongoing support to sportscotland at sites throughout Scotland.

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Our Director, Allan MacDonald, commented: “Working with such a great Scottish organisation is brilliant for Amalgamate. We admire sportscotland’s commitment to health and safety, and their target of zero accidents and zero work-related ill health, and believe that we are well-placed to help them achieve their goals via our pro-active methods, partnering approach and dedication to ‘best practice’ standards in health and safety management.

We’re looking forward to developing strong partnerships with the senior management team and their national centre principals. We’ll be providing mentoring and coaching, and driving engagement to deliver a consistent safety message and cohesive advice across all sportscotland’s operations.”

Director of Corporate Services at sportscotland, Stuart Ogg, said: “Health and safety is of critical importance to all aspects of sportscotland’s operations and we are delighted to be working in partnership with Amalgamate. Amalgamate’s expertise and experience in the field of health and safety will be of huge benefit to sportscotland in the months and years ahead.”

As part of their work with sportscotland, Amalgamate will build on existing skills, knowledge and experience, to enhance safety-led behaviours, develop standards and improve safety performance. A key priority is to engage people across the organisation in managing everyday health and safety matters, and further develop a pro-active health and safety culture.

We use a collaborative approach with clear objectives that can make significant improvements to the wider success of an organisation, as well as helping them meet their health and safety objectives.

To learn more about the range of consultancy services that we can provide, visit our Consultancy page. If you’d like to get in touch, email us at or phone 0141 244 0181 for Glasgow, or 01294 443 806 for North Ayrshire.


Part-time Administrative Assistant role available

There is currently an opportunity for a part-time Administrative Assistant to join our team. We are looking for a self‐motivated person to support our health and safety consultants in providing excellent service to our portfolio of clients.

The role will primarily consist of proof-reading and formatting of technical reports in Pages and PDF formats, and preparing them to be submitted to clients. There will additionally be some scheduling of appointments using Daylite – our internal Client Relationship Management software. Guidance and training will be provided on the use of all of the above, but prior knowledge is beneficial.

This is a flexible part time role of 10-12 hours per week, to be split across 2-4 days, with some home-working possible. These elements will be discussed at interview.

It is essential that candidates:

  • Have excellent English and proof-reading skills;
  • Maintain high levels of accuracy and attention to detail in their written work;
  • Have good IT skills, with knowledge of Apple software including Pages, and also Adobe Acrobat, beneficial;
  • Be able to organise their work‐load effectively, completing tasks to strict client-led deadlines.

If you are interested in the role and fit our criteria, please email with your CV and covering letter before September 15th.

Health and Safety Training for New Hotel Staff – Getting it Right from Day 1!

It’s always good to get out and about in Scotland, so we enjoyed travelling up North to deliver a range of health and safety training to the team at Perle Oban as they got their new hotel ready to open. The hotel is part of the Perle Hotels group, an independent hotelier with 3 existing locations on the beautiful Isle of Skye.

We were on site to do a general Health and Safety ‘walk round’ and review with staff to identify potential hazards and risks prior to opening, as well as a Fire Risk Assessment, and sessions of Fire Warden, First Aid and IOSH Working Safely training. Our aim has been to ensure that their health and safety arrangements reflect their corporate values, as well as ensuring that their legal duties and responsibilities are fully considered.

The work we’ve done so far has given them a solid grounding in health and safety, and made sure that their staff have the knowledge to be able to support customers in the event of an emergency – and most importantly, the skills to help prevent one from ever occuring.

It has been a great experience working alongside the Perle Oban team, helping them to make sure that a positive Health and Safety culture is embedded in the hotel right from the start. We wish them all the best at their new site!

Opening up new premises is always a busy time for any company, and sometimes Health and Safety considerations get put to one side. But leaving health and safety training and management for later is just not worth the risk. We can be there to assist you from the start – making sure health and safety are integrated from day 1 and that your team and assets are protected. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help you as your business grows. Call 0141 244 0181 or email


Asset Protection – fire door survey for international manufacturer

The Fire Door Survey

We recently completed an extensive fire door survey for a large international soft drink manufacturer. Their production site had around 200 fire doors and emergency exits. All of these needed to be visited and checked to see whether they were fit for purpose. Our Fire Safety Consultant, Billy Murdoch, spent the day on site, verifying which doors were up to scratch, and which ones needed work.

A thorough examination was made of:

– Door leaf & frame;
– Glazed apertures;
– Intumescent fire and smoke seals;
– Closing & opening devices;
– All ironmongery;
– Mandatory safe signage; and
– Cleaning

Lessons Learned

As we’ve seen in many offices and factories, one particular problem was fire doors being kept wedged open. This can happen when staff want increased ventilation, things are being moved between rooms, or simply because they want more convenient access. However, a fire door that’s propped open isn’t a fire door anymore. It has been prevented from doing its job. On a day to day basis that might not seem like a big issue. But if a fire occurs, that choice could be devastating, as a fire would progress unchecked through any adjoined areas.

We recommend that the responsible person at any site makes a regular tour of their company’s premises, to make sure this isn’t happening, and remind staff of the importance of keeping fire doors closed. This is a common and easily identifiable problem, with a simple solution. For more technical matters of course you need an expert – but it’s great to keep an eye on the basics yourself.

Continued Support

After successfully completing the fire door survey and feeding back the remedial actions, Amalgamate have been asked to coordinate the remedial works on behalf of the client. Working closely with one of our other clients, Worksmart, we have agreed a works package, and developed robust Risk Assessments and Method Statements that fulfil the client’s needs in a stringent production environment. We look forward to completing the working in the coming weeks.

If you need consultancy support or advice on managing your fire safety duties and responsibilities, Amalgamate’s fire safety experts are on hand to provide that help.

Contact us in Ayrshire on 01294 443 806, in Glasgow on 0141 244 0181. Or email for more details.

Fire and Legionella Risk Assessment of new accommodation in Glencoe

At Amalgamate we’re always enthusiastic about supporting the growth of our clients, so we’re very pleased to have been able to provide further health and safety services to Glencoe Activities as they expand into providing accommodation. We’ve worked with them previously, doing Risk Assessments on their golf course, so we were pleased to get involved in their next steps too. They’ve recently branched out by opening their lovely riverside ‘Wee Lodges’, and we were on call to help out by undertaking a detailed Fire Risk Assessment and Legionella Risk Assessment for the lodges, hot tubs, and also the clubhouse. These assessments ensure that everything is in place to protect the health and safety of all guests and staff – a top priority for both us and our client.

When your business is developing, it is always important to look at how those changes will affect your existing health and safety management processes and policies. Whether you’re opening up a new site, expanding existing premises, scaling up staff numbers, or moving into a different business area, there are many considerations that have to be looked at. At Amalgamate, we have the knowledge and experience to help you to assess the situation, and develop a practical action plan that integrates health and safety in the core of how your organisation operates.

It’s great to see the Wee Lodges being so popular, and to know that we’ve played a small part in ensuring that things run smoothly. Well done Laurence and all the team at Glencoe Activities!

To find out more about the health and safety consultancy services that we offer to companies in Scotland and beyond, read our Consultancy page, call us on 01294 443 806, or email us on

You can also read Case Studies detailing how we’ve worked with a variety of clients across different industries to produce great results in health and safety here.

Health and safety management services for Ypeople

We’re thrilled to announce that we are now working with Ypeople – a fantastic charity that operates across Scotland. They deliver a broad range of approaches to support children, young people and families, for example providing accommodation support, homelessness support, counselling and mentoring services. With around 170 employees, thousands of service users per year (including residential and community based services for a range of service users including people in housing need, asylum seekers and children and young people) and 19 locations, spread over a wide geographical area, Ypeople need to ensure that their health and safety management system is tailored to reflect their specific requirements and responsibilities.

Initially, our Director Allan MacDonald met with the team to understand their needs and requirements, and to do a full gap analysis exercise to provide a review of their current health & safety management system, benchmarked against applicable legislation, recognised best practice, and care inspectorate standards.

Allan said: “Working with the Facilities Manager, as well as HR Managers and workers, we carried out a thorough review which covered all policy and procedures associated with health and safety, including risk assessments, fire risk assessments, maintenance logs, training records, accident and inspection reports. Now we’re delighted to be moving on to providing a full retained consultancy service to Ypeople. Among other tasks, we’ll be developing their policies and procedures, undertaking fire safety work, and updating their health and safety management system.”

Working in partnership, we’re looking forward to helping Ypeople to take proactive steps towards developing a robust approach to health and safety management, while also growing and improving the safety culture throughout the whole organisation.

To learn more about the range of consultancy services that Amalgamate can provide, visit this page . If you’d like to get in touch, email us at or phone us on 0141 244 0181.

Working with Ayrshire Councils – Making First Aid Courses a Top Priority

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve been chosen as the preferred supplier for the First Aid Training Framework for North Ayrshire, East Ayrshire and South Ayrshire Councils. Over the next 3 years, Amalgamate will be providing a full array of first aid courses to council employees, including First Aid at Work, Emergency First at Work, AED (Defibrillator) Training, and specialised courses for dealing with children and elderly people.

Since our creation in 2011, we’ve benefited significantly from the support provided by North Ayrshire Council and their Economic Development Team, specifically Steven Rieley as their Economic Development Officer. This has included support provided as a fledgling business through the growth programme, access to funding and advice for marketing and IT development, and leadership training for our senior team.

Our Director Allan MacDonald is delighted with the win, and commented “This framework is a great step for us, and we’re excited to be working in partnership with all of the Local Authorities to provide this training. The whole tender team including Kiri Goss, Annette Armstrong and Stuart Watt put in a massive amount of effort to win this fantastic opportunity and we are delighted that our hard work is definitely paying off!

It’s a great opportunity for us to share the knowledge and skills that our expert trainers have; and make sure that if council staff are faced with an accident or a sudden illness, they’ll feel confident that they know what to do to help, and can maybe save a life. What could be more rewarding than that?”

We provide first aid training to many different types of business, and can deliver at your premises or at our offices. If you’d like to learn more about our First Aid courses, read more here, or contact us at or on 0141 244 0181.

Health surveillance in action – working with Alba Tyre Management

We were delighted to support our client Alba Tyre Management in their continuing process of improving health and safety, by providing medical checks as part of their new occupational health surveillance provision. Our doctor took staff members through a series of health tests:

  • BMI check
  • Lung function testing
  • Vision testing
  • Hearing testing
  • Blood pressure check

Alongside this, employees were able to discuss any health problems that might affect (or be affected by) their work. At the end of the process, we issued reports, advising whether each individual was fit to work in their standard contractual roles, as well as for safety-critical roles. We also provided recommendations where we felt that workplace adjustments could be beneficial, and highlighted the need for follow-up checks.

Part of our process in delivering health surveillance services is ensuring that we help businesses keep on top of scheduling follow up and annual checks. We’ll get in touch with our clients to remind them when further tests are due, to make sure that employee health is monitored effectively. This way they reap the optimal benefits of the process, helping to prevent avoidable health issues from developing.

We’ve worked with companies in many different sectors and industries. To read more about what we do, check out our Case Studies page. To learn more about health surveillance and our other occupational health services, contact us on 0141 244 0181, or email