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Ayrshire Tree Surgeons’ key objective for 2013/14 was to contend with market competitors for large commercial contracts in the arboriculture sector.

ATS had been developing their management processes including their safety management systems to ensure they were well positioned to access commercial supply chains.

In addition, they were pushing for key trade accreditations including Contractors Health And Safety Scheme and the Arboriculture Association Approved Contractor Award.

Stuart Leith, the Managing Director of ATS, engaged Amalgamate in August 2013 to undertake a top-down review of the ATS safety management system and its application, and also carry out a workplace safety assessment on their operations.

Part of that review identified the need to provide additional training for the operational team, this included first aid and manual handling.

Amalgamate were engaged to provide that training, and our trainers were on hand to deliver Emergency First Aid at Work and manual handling training for the team.

Our Challenge

This high risk sector demands significant commitment to the management of safety, and to developing and maintaining safety systems that reflect those risks. Our challenge was to tailor our course content to highlight those significant hazards, and provide a solution that best reflected those challenges.

Our Solution

The first classroom-based manual handling session was delivered by our trainer Grieg Lawson. Grieg is a serving Fire Officer and fully understands the need to lift, pull, push and carry objects safely.

The half-day session covered the theory behind manual handling, providing the candidates with invaluable knowledge in the principles of safe moving and handling, considered manual handling and the law, looked at the musculoskeletal system, the mechanics of movement and the associated types of injury, whilst also providing guidance on assessing manual handling risks and implementing suitable control measures.

In addition, Greig provided the team with some practical tips for manual handling, demonstrating correct lifting techniques with equipment and materials encountered by the team on a daily basis, including chainsaws and cut logs.

The second session, Emergency First Aid at Work – Level 5 award was delivered by our trainer James Carr, who is a former military paramedic and is highly experienced in emergency responses in difficult situations.

The training took place in the ATS yard to facilitate a degree of familiarity and realism throughout the session.

The 1 day course was designed to provide practical life-saving skills in accordance with UK workplace health and safety regulations.

The team had an interesting day learning about cardiac arrest and heart conditions, CPR, the respiratory system, and choking, bleeding and burns. Additionally, they learned how to identify the signs of stroke and treat anaphylaxis.

Again, the training was specifically tailored, with ATS’s compound being used to provide a realistic backdrop for the practical elements of the course.


The team all successfully passed both courses, and their feedback regarding the courses was very positive. In addition, we have played a successful part in supporting ATS in managing their statutory obligations in regard to training.

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