Case Studies

How we do what we do

    Find out more about how we work in these case studies for some of our projects.

    We’ve worked with many interesting clients, and achieved great results for them. We want to help organisations put health and safety at the centre of what they do, so we focus on showing them how simple that can be. Providing clear and easily understandable advice is key to our role, because if you don’t understand the actions you need to take, how can you make positive change? Below, we lay out the steps that we’ve taken, so you can see how consultancy works in different environments.

  • Global Software Company Case Study

  • Over the last 5 years, we’ve worked throughout Europe and the Middle East with a large international software company. We provide consultancy services including gap analysis exercises, Safety Management System development, and training.




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  • Dealing with a Legacy Injunction in Copenhagen Case Study

  • Central Copenhagen

    Central Copenhagen. Photo by Thomas Rousing.


    We helped a US-based software company deal with a difficult situation when it turned out that a company they had acquired in Denmark had a historic legal problem to deal with.





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  • Worksmart Case Study

  • Ayrshire College Dam Park Building

    Ayrshire College Dam Park Building


    Our team supports this interiors and refurbishment company to develop their safety culture. We’ve encouraged a more pro-active approach to managing risk, and enhanced their working practices.





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  • North Ayrshire Council Case Study

  • Ardrossan Academy, North Ayrshire

    Adrossan Academy


    Managing fire safety for a diverse range of properties, many of which may contain vulnerable people, across 885 km2 is a difficult job. At the end of 2017, we supported North Ayrshire Council by doing PAS-79 compliant fire risk assessments and fire risk assessment reviews for 131 of their sites in 6 months, advising them not only on legal requirements but on best practice.




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  • Drygate Case Study

  • Drygate Beer Hall

    Drygate Beer Hall


    It’s a tough job having to hang out in Glasgow’s first ‘experiential’ craft brewery, but somebody has to do it! We ensure that this complex venue, bar and brewery can run smoothly and safely. We’ve done a range of fire and first aid training, as well as  developing their safety processes and procedures.




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  • Ayrshire Tree Surgeons Case Study

  • Ayrshire Tree Surgeons

    Ayrshire Tree Surgeons


    Halfway up a tree is definitely one of the most unusual working environments we’ve dealt with! So we made sure that this team of arborists had risk assessments that were the pick of the bunch. We’ve also done Emergency First Aid at Work and Manual Handling training courses for the team.





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  • Ayrshire Tree Surgeons Health Surveillance

  • Ayrshire Tree Surgeons have a high risk job role and an unconventional workplace. We use our health surveillance services to ensure the safety of everyone in the company.

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  • Teaching our First Aid Training in Schools

  • St Matthew's Academy

    St Matthew’s Academy


    We were delighted to be asked to train the 6th year students at St Matthew’s Academy. It was a great experience for both Amalgamate and the students and since then we’ve worked with another four secondary schools.






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  • National Records of Scotland Case Study

  • National Records of Scotland Building

    National Records of Scotland


    Following our successful tender bid in November 2019, Amalgamate was chosen to carry out a baseline H&S review of National Records of Scotland’s current health and safety processes and procedures.




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  • Veny Limited Case Study

  • Workers at Veny

    Workers at Veny


    Our team has proactively supported Veny to enhance their Safety Management System, develop their safety culture and safe working practices. We have also been providing continuous Covid-19 support to ensure the safety of those within the company.




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  • Ypeople Case Study

  • Ypeople charity

    Ypeople charity


    For the past 4 years, we have successfully been supporting Ypeople in developing a robust health and safety management system, while also developing and improving the safety culture within the organisation. We supported Ypeople in developing new H&S policies and guidance to ensure that they were Covid-19 compliant.





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  • Pelagia Case Study

  • Pelagia Site, Aberdeen

    Pelagia Site, Aberdeen


    Amalgamate have been working with Pelagia over the last two years and have built an excellent working relationship with the site managers and operational personnel. During this time we have seen improvements in health and safety policies, risk assessments, procedures, staff training, the provision of checklists and recording methods for maintenance equipment.




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  • Ryze Contract Renewal

  • People jumping on a trampoline

    Ryze Trampoline Parks


    We are jumping with joy that we will be continuing to work in partnership with Ryze to provide ongoing and retained health and safety consultancy services for the next 36 months.




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  • GSK Irvine Case Study

  • On site at GSK Irvine


    We’ve been providing a range of our H&S consultancy services to the teams at GSK Irvine. These services have supported the planning and development of the brand new wind and solar PV farms at this site.





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  • Renewing our Sportscotland Contract

  • On site at Glenmore lodge


    We’ve been providing our health and safety services to Sportscotland for 6 years, so we’re delighted to have been successful in re-tendering for this contract. We look forward to continuing to build our working relationship as we move into our 7th year of partnership.





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  • That’s a brief introduction to some of the projects we’ve worked on, but our experience ranges across many sectors and industries. So if you want to find out what we could do for you – don’t hesitate to get in touch. Email us at, or call 0141 244 0181.

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