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Since March 2019, Amalgamate have been providing Health and Safety Consultancy and Training support for Veny Ltd. Our team, led by Allan MacDonald, our Managing Director, proactively supports Veny to enhance their Safety Management System, develop their safety culture and safe working practices.

Veny Limited, based in Ramsbottom near Bury and Warwick, specialises in commercial telecommunications construction and design with electrical services and maintenance. They have a highly skilled and experienced team undertaking work all around the UK. Although the company is not large, it regularly undertakes complex projects, such as installing 5G networks in England.

It should be mentioned that Veny’s team did not hesitate to work during Covid-19, performing the duties of key workers.


Our Challenge

Veny Ltd has a diverse risk profile. There is a range of work-related hazards on their sites including: electricity, use of work equipment and tools, manual handling, contractor management, site based co-operation and co-ordination, noise, COSHH controls, driving/occupational road risk, working at height, and many more.

The company also owns their own offices, so it must comply with property safety issues such as electrical, fire and water safety.

The Health & Safety Gap Analysis that Amalgamate carried out identified some gaps and deficiencies in Veny’s health and safety system that needed to be addressed. In addition, existing documentation was to be reviewed to ensure quality and continuity improvement.

Therefore, Veny appointed Amalgamate to raise the level of their Health and Safety, both formal and practical, and help to create a solid base for all future H&S activities in the company.

The Solution

On the basis of the Gap Analysis, our Lead Consultants created an Action Plan to target the weaknesses found in Veny’s H&S management system. Our consultants promptly undertook a deep review and update of existing documentation like the H&S Policy, risk assessments and elements of staff training. They also developed documentation identified in the Gap Analysis as missing like an Asbestos Management Procedure, Accident and Incident Reporting Template and COSHH inventory to name only a few.

Collaborative work between Amalgamate and Veny resulted in the development of policies and procedures that enhanced the company’s safety system even further. This included policies such as Electrical Safety and HAV Control Policy, but also specialised ones such as a Radio Frequency Awareness Policy. Specific documentation has been created by us at Amalgamate to answer Veny’s current needs for a Lifting Plan template or Construction Safety Plan template.

We also regularly attend Veny construction sites to review implemented arrangements in practice. The visits include a site walk, documentation audit and discussion with appropriate personnel. A detailed report is then prepared highlighting good practice in their systems and documents, and identifying any weaknesses or omissions, with practical suggestions for actions as appropriate.

Covid-19 Support

Veny decided to keep working throughout the outbreak, developing the 5G network. Amalgamate worked hard to enable Veny to carry on operations whilst ensuring the safety and health of all people involved.

By closely following government, HSE and NHS guidance, we were able to produce concise, reliable guidance with a set of risk assessments. This allowed Veny to recognise vulnerable individuals among their workforce in order to protect them from the danger.

Veny received a full Operations Manual containing a set of tools that helped them to manage necessary safety procedures.

The Operations Manual contained, amongst others: Covid-19 Policy, Covid-19 control, RAMS attachment and Safe Operating Procedures – comprehensive guidance on arrangements that must be applied to the company’s processes in order to ensure safety and compliance.

Our training department updated Veny on enhanced requirements towards First Aid at Work to ensure compliance and safety of their First Aiders.

For the future, we will now closely cooperate with Veny’s management and site staff in order to successfully implement our Covid-19 safety systems.  We will observe and evaluate our procedures and look for areas for further improvement. We will also provide Veny with regular updates on the official Covid-19 guidelines.



Safety is a vital part of every business. We are proud that Veny has allowed us to successfully integrate into their team, advise them on vital safety matters and work collaboratively in improving and developing their Health and Safety Management System.

We believe that our work enhanced foundations of Veny’s Health and Safety System, developed further tools for them to control significant risk and set a positive attitude towards safety across the team, allowing them to operate in a safe and creative environment.



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