Teaching our First Aid Training in Schools

Delivering our 1-day Emergency First Aid at Work course in schools across Ayrshire

The St Matthew's Academy building, one of the schools where we delivered our First Aid Training.

St Matthew’s Academy


Last year, we were delighted to have been contacted by the head teacher of St Matthew’s Academy about potentially teaching his 6th year students our 1-day Emergency First Aid at Work course.

This is an SQA accredited Level 6 course so the students were also going to receive another qualification as well as valuable skills. It would also raise the schools statistics at the end of the academic year.

Training the students

The courses were booked for 24 students each time with 2 trainers attending. Using the school’s main hall allowed sufficient space to sit and carry out the practical aspects of the course. Our courses are delivered through a mix of computer presentation for theory work and practical sessions. This allows the opportunity for everyone to properly learn how to perform CPR and other life saving techniques.

Our 1-day Emergency First Aid at Work course covers the basics of first aid. This includes:


  • CPR and defibrillator training
  • Treating unconscious but breathing casualties,
  • Choking casualties,
  • Blood loss and wounds; and
  • Burns.


There will be theory and practical training on assessing casualties, determining the treatment required and carrying out that treatment. These treatments include:


  • Defibrillator practice,
  • The recovery position; and
  • How to bandage wounds with imbedded objects.


Our Success

Due to our success at St Matthew’s Academy, we have been incredibly lucky to work with four more secondary schools. In total, we have trained 471 fifth and sixth year students since June of last year. Three students received a life skills certificate as they could not complete the entirety of the course, but had done enough to be awarded this.

St Matthew’s Academy’s Head Teacher said:

“Through working in partnership with Amalgamate we have been able to expand our delivery of Skills for Life, Learning and Work. Student evaluation has been very positive and we will be further developing this aspect of our Skills Academy programme in the session ahead. Pupils enjoy working with the trainers and appreciate the courses have immediate value to them as they enter the workplace.”

In fact, we had such success with the schools that we returned in October for World Restart A Heart day, where we held short training sessions on basic CPR. This was available to all pupils and members of staff at St Matthew’s Academy as well as St Benedict’s High School, which were the two schools that we had taught at the time. Between these two schools we have managed to add a staggering 583 pupils, staff and a few parents to Britains nation of life savers

Candidate feedback:

“I really enjoyed this course as we had the ability to ask questions and practice all of the skills to gain confidence.”

“Really enjoyable and informative. I valued this training.”

“This was a really good course with a lot of opportunities to get involved.”

“Both trainers delivered the course very well and the overall content was interesting and useful.”

“A great opportunity filled with good exercises. The trainers were involved, helpful and made people laugh.”

Further Information

Our First Aid Training will provide students access to high quality presentation and practical training equipment from our skilled trainers. We encourage our learners to share experiences they’ve had to help put the textbook into real-life scenarios.

If you are interested in any of our First Aid Training Courses or have any further questions about our work in schools please contact us on t: +44 (0)141 244 0181 or e: info@amalgamate-safety.com

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