Safety Consultants to a Global Software Company

Delivering a comprehensive safety solution


Our initial engagement as health and safety consultants was to undertake a health & safety review across the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region. Our remit was to undertake a gap analysis of the organisation’s Health Safety Management System (HSMS) in seven key locations, comprising London, Edinburgh, Dublin, Hamburg, Munich, Bucharest and Paris; and provide the client’s Global Safety & Security team with feedback on the existing system’s performance.Following the gap analysis submission, our service offering was expanded in 2011 to design, build and implement a new safety management system to provide a benchmark standard for safety across the region.

Additionally our team has provided workplace and fire risk assessments, fire warden training, safety training and competent safety advice where required.

Amalgamate has recently expanded its service by providing occupational health services, including a series of health and wellness days, ergonomics consultations and awareness seminars. This added value service has proved to be an excellent tool in raising the profile of the safety & security team.

Our Challenge

In 2009, our gap analysis identified that head office-led safety management initiatives were not being adopted across the EMEA. It was apparent that local control and a step change in the client’s approach to safety management were required.

Our challenge was to develop a system, drive behaviours and change culture to ensure that it works in a predominately European context.

Our Solution

As part of the 2009 review, we assessed the organisation’s application of policy and procedures and the localised management arrangements, and carried out a workplace assessment in each key location. It was clearly identified that there was a need to revise the HSMS to incorporate EU standards, behaviours and crucially, cultural differences.

The team’s initial approach to the client’s needs was to develop a simpler HSMS based on OSHAS 18001 principles that could be adopted across the individual EMEA countries, while fulfilling the localised legal requirements.

In conjunction with the EMEA Safety & Security Manager, our team of health and safety consultants designed, built and implemented a best practice management system that accounts for EU and wider health and safety legislation. The flexible system can accommodate local legislation and provides a quality platform for each location to build from.

Additionally, a programme of safety training including IOSH Managing Safely and safety awareness sessions was successfully delivered.

As part of the client’s ongoing health and wellbeing initiative, our team has also been engaged to provide occupational health services.

In response to this request, we have designed and implemented a series of road shows that will provide employees access to specialist occupational health & wellbeing services.

The road shows include back care and DSE awareness seminars, massage, blood pressure monitoring, BMI and body fat measurement, lung function and cholesterol testing.

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