Pelagia Case Study



Amalgamate have been working with Pelagia over the last two years and have built an excellent working relationship with the site managers and operational personnel. During this time we have seen improvements in health and safety policies, risk assessments, procedures, staff training, the provision of checklists and recording methods for maintenance equipment.

Further to the success we have already achieved with Pelagia, we are now working in collaboration to improve the high standards of training provision in confined spaces, working at height during tanker cleaning as well as incorporating the design and provision of work permits, risk assessments, method statements and workplace audits. This project is led by our health and safety consultant, Mark Gajic.

Amalgamate are continuing to proactively support Pelagia by helping to embed a positive approach to health and safety in the workplace and the welfare of the workforce.

The Challenge


Pelagia’s large site processes trimmings and offal from the Scottish salmon industry and produces value added oil and protein ingredients used in premium animal feeds across Europe. ¬†Due to the complexity and high volume of trading at Pelagia, there has been a number of administrative challenges including finding dates and times for delivery of training that suited the client. Time also had to be allocated for specialist trainers in fire, confined spaces and working at height on tankers.

Another challenge has been Covid-19. The virus has brought restrictions which have affected this project and created the need for additional guidance on infection controls before essential business could safely proceed. We have worked closely together to enable our services to be carried out safely.


The Solution


At Amalgamate, we’ve looked closely at the information provided by the government and the NHS before offering guidance via telephone conference and correspondence in the following way:

  • A workplace risk assessment for vulnerable employees;
  • Pandemic business checklist;
  • Table of Covid-19 signs and symptoms;
  • Working from home toolkit;
  • Working from home assessment checklist;
  • Risk assessment for continuing work during lockdown;
  • Fire risk assessment and guidance on maintaining statutory safety

These documents ensure that Pelagia have the necessary tools and procedures to continue operating safely during the pandemic by supporting workers, mitigating employee anxiety and meeting their duty of health, safety and welfare in the workplace.




Amalgamate have developed a high quality and comprehensive provision of documentation that will assist Pelagia in safely continuing its operations during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our support also concentrates on the general health and safety management systems, which not only provides a safe working environment under normal conditions, but also the additional controls that have become necessary due to Covid-19.



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