Health and Safety Training

Delivering excellence in safety training

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations make it a legal requirement that employers provide clear information and safety training to employees. With our industry expertise we can help you to comply with all the relevant legislation, and find optimum solutions for your business needs.

We offer a wide range of safety training solutions. Our trainers are highly experienced occupational health and safety practitioners, who have gained a reputation for delivering excellence in safety training. We use a variety of techniques, incorporating technologies such as webinars and on-demand module-led training, alongside traditional methods – our approach is geared towards accessibility, and real comprehension of the relevant issues.

As well as delivering accredited courses, we can provide bespoke training packages designed to meet the needs of your organisation, with the curriculum tailored to your specific circumstances. We offer a safety training needs analysis, which will support you in identifying your core training requirements, finding any issues that may have previously been overlooked, and ensuring that your staff are prepared for dealing with the relevant health and safety issues.

Safety Awareness
Promotes understanding of safe working practices, reduction of risk, and helps to develop a positive health & safety culture, where safe & healthy working becomes second nature to everyone;
IOSH Managing Safely
For managers and supervisors in all industries.The course offers essential guidance on how to handle health and safety in your team, and will give delegates the knowledge and tools to tackle the areas they are responsible for, learn how to assess risks, and adopt a practical, implementable approach to workplace safety. We have a strong understanding of the legal requirements that companies face in regard to current legislation, and can help you to translate this into action. Read more here…
IOSH Working Safely
Giving staff members a good understanding of their health and safety responsibilities, and helping them to keep themselves and others safe at work. The training covers a range of topics including identifying hazards, improving safety performance, and reducing environmental impact. This is a highly interactive course, that engages delegates and ensures maximum involvement and better retention of information. Read more here…
IOSH Leading Safely
This course will show you how investing in safety and health can give valuable business benefits. These can include better staff morale and productivity, increased profits, better staff retention, an enhanced reputation, and a stronger brand.Read more here…
Fire safety awareness
Fire warden and extinguisher training – practical guidance on assessing and reducing fire risks, planning evacuation and fire-fighting. Read more here…
Carry Down and Evacuation Chair Training
Help people with disabilities to evacuate quickly and safely. Read more here…
CDM awareness
Provides an understanding of the Construction, Design and Management Regulations 2007, and gives guidance on planning and designing for health and safety within construction projects and the roles and responsibilities encompassed within the CDM Regulations.
Construction Safety awareness
Specialised guidance on risk awareness and avoidance in high risk construction environments.
CSCS test preparation
Covers core topics and provides practice test questions for managers and professionals looking to obtain their CSCS card.
Stress management
Stress is a leading cause of absence – we can give techniques for reducing instances of stress, and managing it better when it does occur.
Health and Wellbeing
Managing a range of elements around psycho-social issues to encourage a healthier, happier workforce.
DSE (ergonomics) and back care seminars
Learn how to improve your posture, protect your spine and avoid injury.
Abrasive Wheel training
Specialist training for workers involved in the adjusting, assembling, and changing of abrasive wheels.
Manual Handling
Avoid injury, aches and pains by using better movement techniques. More than a fifth of absences are caused by poor manual handling, so this course is particularly important for employees who engage in physical activities at work. It covers the principles of safe moving and handling, the relevant legislation, the mechanics of movement and the associated types of injury, guidance on Risk Assessment, control measures and practical tips for safer manual handling.Read more here…

Key Facts

If present at a life-threatening emergency, only 1 in 20 people would feel knowledgeable, confident and willing to act – 95% of people would not.  (source: British Red Cross)

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