Fire Risk Assessment – Keeping Your Organisation Safe

Our fire risk assessment process offers a comprehensive review of fire safety at your organisation, to help you comply with your legal requirements so you can protect your property and people. On average, about 20,000 fires occur in non-domestic properties every year in the UK. These lead to approximately 1,000 injured people, and around 20 deaths, so workplace fire safety is a big responsibility. The fire risk assessment process aims to reduce the risk at your premises to as low as possible. The key steps in our FRA process are to look at how you:

  • Identify the people at risk
  • Identify the fire hazards
  • Assess and reduce risks
  • Record, plan, inform, instruct and train your staff
  • Review your performance


While on site at your premises, we investigate these elements:

Fire Protection

including compartmentation, means of escape, fire detection/warning, emergency lighting and extinguishers.

Fire Prevention

reducing the likelihood of heat, fuel and oxygen combining to cause a fire.

Fire Safety Management

providing, maintaining and managing fire protection/prevention systems. Ensuring staff members have the necessary training and skills to reduce the risk of fire, and are able to respond effectively and safely in an emergency.

Fire Risk Assessment Report

We then produce a clear, thorough report that outlines all relevant details, highlights any problems and lets you know their severity. Most importantly, we’ll give you practical guidance and clear actions on how to improve your fire safety. At the end of the fire risk assessment process you’ll have a solid understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, and a plan for how to take things forward to better protect your premises and workforce. It’s vital that you understand the issues, so we’re always available to answer your questions, and support you in putting actions into practice.

Why not get in touch with us to discuss your requirements? Call us on +44 (0)141 244 0181, or email to learn how we can help you to keep your business safe.

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