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Fire Warden Training


Our client is a global leader in digital marketing and digital media solutions. Its tools and services allow their customers to create groundbreaking digital content, deploy it across media and devices, measure and optimise it over time, and achieve greater business success.

As part of our ongoing occupational health and safety support services, we were requested to roll out a programme of compliance-led training across their UK and Ireland sites, which included Fire Warden and Fire Extinguisher training.


To deliver a consistent training product to employees at multiple locations and accommodate local schedules.


We travelled through to the client’s office in the outskirts of Edinburgh to deliver our Fire Warden training to the client’s local team. Our trainer was also joined by employees from the client’s Maidenhead and London offices via a video bridge and using Adobe Connect to patch into online course content. This method of delivery avoided travel time for the trainees, and reduced the cost of delivery to our client; this demonstrates the benefits of using technology to deliver cost-effective solutions.


The 1 day Fire Warden and Fire Extinguisher course is designed to provide practical fire safety skills in accordance with UK and Irish fire safety legislation. The trainees spent the day learning about the effects fire can have on business and individuals, the potential loss of life and physical injuries. The course also covered fire prevention, how fire starts and spreads, plus the basic principles of how to reduce the risk of fire and make workplaces safer. In addition, they were also given practical instruction on the use of Fire Extinguishers.


The team really enjoyed the training, and all successfully completed the course.

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