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Providing interim Health and Safety Management cover in the education sector


Our client was a further and higher education college based in Inverness. Due to the retirement of their existing Health and Safety Manager, they engaged Amalgamate to provide an interim manager on a short term (10 week) contract while they found a replacement.


To provide a competent consultant who was able to take over the Health and Safety Manager’s duties, with only a short handover period to get to grips with the company’s systems. The college also wanted our consultant to update the existing Health and Safety Policy and start them on the journey towards implementing OHSAS18001.


Our Senior Health and Safety Consultant, Sharon Wooller, was able to undertake the role, and quickly and effectively embedded herself into the organisation. Sharon quickly gained a thorough understanding of their operations and swiftly produced an initial overview of the existing systems and identified areas of improvement; these were raised with the college and a management plan was developed to implement as much of the remedial work as possible within the short timeframe.

Our consultant provided a range of services, including:

  • Undertaking a review of the College’s existing Health and Safety Policy, and presenting to the Board on the recommended step-changes to OHSAS18001;
  • Identifying areas of potential improvement within the existing health and safety reporting structure, including:
    • Reporting of non-injury incidents and near misses;
    • Designing a clearer system for recording of accidents, incidents and near misses; and
    • Producing like-for-like statistics for accidents.
  • Identifying safety training requirements to be addressed through employee appraisal and development programmes; 
  • Completing the Legal Register; 
  • Implementing a mechanism for notifying changes to legal requirements and the system to allow evaluation of legal changes, and documentation of impact/relevance of changes to the college; and 
  • Conducting a comprehensive retrospective accident investigation, including witness interviews, following the receipt of a personal injury claim.


Amalgamate were able to quickly support the College’s immediate resource requirements and successfully fullfil their need to progress the health and safety management system, while providing high quality guidance on further changes and improvements in a short timescale. Our consultant succesfully managed the day-to-day needs of the role, while also instigating significant improvements to the client’s H&S management system.

Through cases such as this, we demonstrate our flexibility, and ability to provide high quality Health and Safety management resources, which can embed directly into a client’s workplace quickly and efficiently. This enables optimum performance, and real opportunities to develop better, bespoke systems, even within short time-scales.

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