Safety in the Fuel Industry

Developing OSHAS 18001 Safety Management Systems for key suppliers in the Oil and Gas industry


Our client is a small ‘tier one’ supplier in the oil and gas industry with a diverse risk profile. The company operates across three sites in Aberdeen and is supported by off-shore activity. We were engaged to develop a safety management system, as per the First Point Assessment (FPAL) requirements.

FPAL is a pre-qualification system to identify, pre-qualify and assess suppliers for tender opportunities and minimise risk within their supply chains. They did not have sufficient in-house expertise and couldn’t afford the time to develop a robust system themselves.


We were requested to provide support and guidance in the following key areas:

  • Designing and implementing a proportionate safety management system in accordance with OHSAS18001;
  • Supporting appointed representatives in understanding the system and the requirements it placed on the company; and
  • Training a staff member to maintain the system, including the completion of internal audits, legal compliance reviews, maintenance of legal register, etc.


Our Senior Health, Safety and Environmental Consultant Sharon Wooller attended site to familiarise herself with the organisation and determine their risk profile. A gap analysis was undertaken, which reviewed the existing safety management documentation, identified areas where the current documentation and systems could be utilised, and where additional work would be required.

We also identified that Internal Auditor training would be required, and this was arranged and delivered. Throughout the process we kept in communication with the client’s management team to provide frequent updates and ensure a clear understanding of the process being undertaken. As well as three internal audits, a report including necessary actions and a management plan was provided to the client, to clarify the steps they would need to take.

The client’s bespoke Safety Management System was delivered within four weeks of appointment. This included a familiarisation meeting to fully brief them on the developed documentation and ensure that they had a thorough understanding of it. In addition, the client was led through the process, and provided with a plan for on-going maintenance and further development of the system.


With Amalgamate’s help the client successfully achieved OHSAS18001 certification, and is now in possession of a straightforward and clear Safety Management System. When a company has a legal requirement to fulfill, but doesn’t have the knowledge to deal with it, we can bring all the necessary expertise to the table.

As a consultancy, Amalgamate has experience in managing safety in many industry sectors, and is able to provide the expertise to suit your business. We ensure that our clients are provided with an effective safety management system, fully integrated into their organisation, and aligned with their business risk profile.

Amalgamate Safety