It’s great that 2016 starts with a big focus on Health and Safety, and to see the HSE’s new GB Health and Safety strategy being launched this month.

Have you been engaged yet?

We can all influence the discussion. The HSE has started to engage with the people and organisations that can help Great Britain work well.

We think that if sucessfully implemented, this could enhance how we all approach safety management in this country for many years to come. The 6 key themes are:

  • Promoting broader ownership of workplace health and safety
  • Highlighting and tackling the burden of work-related ill-health
  • Supporting small firms
  • Enabling productivity through proportionate risk management
  • Anticipating and tackling the challenges of new technology and ways of working
  • Sharing the benefits of Great Britain’s approach

Further details can be found by visiting the HSE website

We’re always interested in hearing your thoughts, so why not tell us what you think about the six themes?

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