When we start working with a new client, we sometimes find that they’ve made a well-meaning attempt at getting to grips with a Safety Management System. They might have a Health and Safety Policy, some risk assessments, and maybe a procedural document or two. But often, these are written in a way that make them overly complicated, or extremely lengthy.

There are often parts missing – sometimes important considerations like fire safety management, sometimes smaller things like details on housekeeping standards – but the point is, all these things add up. And if your health and safety documentation is hugely long, or not clearly written and presented, chances are your employees aren’t actually paying attention to it. That’s bad news – because a policy that no-one reads, is a policy that’s destined to fail.

Any good health and safety consultancy can make a safety management system, but here at Amalgamate, we want to make sure that it’s one that actually works for your organisation and people in the real world.

We value clarity, conciseness and consistency. We can develop policies and procedures that mesh together, documents that make plain sense, and a Safety Management System that is understandable by all. We’ll make sure that all the details are covered, that you know what your responsibilities are, and that you have everything you need to protect your employees and your property, as well as staying in line with all the necessary legislation.

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