The Benefits of Occupational Health Services to Employers

Each year in the UK approximately 137 million working days are lost due to sickness absence, costing UK businesses in the region of £16 billion per year. This averages out to about 6 days off per person per year due to sickness, but the reality is that some of these are longer-term health issues resulting in employees taking weeks or even months off work. These absences can have a significant impact on businesses, especially SMEs. Occupational Health services can help organisations by reducing sickness or injury absence, while also improving staff productivity and morale.

Amalgamate can provide Occupational Health services at your workplace, for preventative, health surveillance or treatment plan purposes. Our OH Practitioners can assess staff for Fit to Work certification, to confirm if they are able to perform standard and/or safety-critical roles. They can also monitor health issues for preventative care, including vision and hearing tests, lung function testing, blood pressure and BMI monitoring.

Where an employee has a serious or ongoing health problem, our specialist practitioners can conduct an Occupational Health Assessment. This will assist in the development of a plan to help them continue or return to work safely, and to establish any adjustments that could be made to help them to work, while protecting their health. It also offers reassurance to employers that they have a good understanding of the state of their employee’s health.

All these services can contribute to improved levels of employee wellbeing, as well as reducing absence levels and their associated costs.

Benefits to Employees

The aim of Occupational Health Services is to promote and maintain the health and well-being of employees, ensuring a positive relationship between an employee’s work and their health. This means not only coming up with preventative and health surveillance plans to try to make sure that employees’ physical and mental health is safeguarded as much as possible, but also offering additional support to employees if it is needed.

If an employee undergoes an Occupational Health Assessment, this can help their employer to better understand the problems they’re experiencing and how they affect their ability to work. Our expert advice can help remove barriers to a successful return to work or, if they’re still at work, ensure that they can continue to work safely.

Occupational Health Services can reduce the likelihood of work-related illness or injury, and can improve the experience of employees dealing with sickness absence or the return to work process.

More details of the Occupational Health Assessment process can be found here.

Getting Help with Occupational Health Services

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