We were delighted to support our client Alba Tyre Management in their continuing process of improving health and safety, by providing medical checks as part of their new occupational health surveillance provision. Our doctor took staff members through a series of health tests:

  • BMI check
  • Lung function testing
  • Vision testing
  • Hearing testing
  • Blood pressure check

Alongside this, employees were able to discuss any health problems that might affect (or be affected by) their work. At the end of the process, we issued reports, advising whether each individual was fit to work in their standard contractual roles, as well as for safety-critical roles. We also provided recommendations where we felt that workplace adjustments could be beneficial, and highlighted the need for follow-up checks.

Part of our process in delivering health surveillance services is ensuring that we help businesses keep on top of scheduling follow up and annual checks. We’ll get in touch with our clients to remind them when further tests are due, to make sure that employee health is monitored effectively. This way they reap the optimal benefits of the process, helping to prevent avoidable health issues from developing.

We’ve worked with companies in many different sectors and industries. To read more about what we do, check out our Case Studies page. To learn more about health surveillance and our other occupational health services, contact us on 0141 244 0181, or email info@amalgamate-safety.com