The Health and Safety Executive have recently amended their First Aid at Work training guidance, bringing in improvements to content, and recommending more modern teaching styles. The main changes are:

The introduction of blended learning as an accepted method of first aid training delivery. This allows a combination of both online digital media and traditional classroom methods being used together.

The addition of AED (defibrillator) use to First Aid at Work/Emergency First Aid at Work course content. As the number of workplaces that have an AED installed is increasing, the addition of this in the training gives First Aiders the knowledge and confidence to use one if they have to.

Here at Amalgamate, we’ve already been including AED training in our First Aid courses as we believe that they can make a big difference to survival rates. So we’re pleased to see the HSE changing their training guidance to ensure that AED training becomes more widespread.

Haemostatic dressings/tourniquets have been added as examples of additional training/equipment that might be identified as appropriate in an employer’s needs assessment. A workplace would need a risk assessment to be carried out first to determine if this would be a necessary requirement, but for industries such as forestry/arboriculture the addition of this to the first aid training would be invaluable.

We can support in the development of risk assessments for this, and we also have trainers qualified in the teaching of catastrophic bleeding, ready to provide this training to your team.

First Aid training is an integral part of workplace safety, and we have a number of different options to suit all kinds of businesses. For more information, visit our Training page, contact us by email at or phone our Glasgow office on (0141) 244 0181 or our Ayrshire office on (01294) 443 806.