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First Aid Advice for Key Workers

We have set out some advice for Key Workers who are acting as a nominated First Aider for their business during the current outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

These are supplementary to the existing guidelines for dealing with First Aid in the workplace. All other precautions for reducing the risk of infection should be maintained at all times.

Hygiene and personal protection

Hygiene and personal protection should be of the utmost priority when treating someone. Ideally hands should be washed first, gloves, aprons and masks should be worn before any first aid is carried out.

First Aid & CPR

If you suspect someone is not breathing do not place your head down to their face anymore to check, squeeze shoulders as normal and check for the chest rising and falling. If there is none, then dial 999 immediately and tell them that your casualty is not breathing and they could potentially have coronavirus (if they have been showing any symptoms). Then start hands only CPR, no rescue breaths should be given.

After any first aid has been carried please ensure all waste is disposed of in a biohazard bag and not in a normal bin. Wash hands thoroughly and sanitise everything that has been touched. 

Trionic wipes are great for this as these provide broad spectrum, fast acting antimicrobial technology that penetrates and lifts soiling from the surface, de-activating viruses, bacteria and micro-organisms.

These should also be used daily to sanitise any surfaces, door handles, etc.


Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest Guidance during COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic

How to protect yourself against COVID-19

How to wash your hands | NHS

Trionic Wipes

If you require further advice & support please contact Amalgamate on t: +44 (0)141 244 0181 or email: info@amalgamate-safety.com

How to get involved in World Restart a Heart Day

Amalgamate are delighted to be supporting World Restart a Heart Day on the 16th October 2019, here are some ways you can get involved too.

Restart a Heart Day - 16th October 2019
Are you ready to Restart a Heart?

Running Sessions

The British Heart Foundation has various ways of getting yourself, your community, work or school involved. 

If you want to attend or volunteer to assist in the running of a session near you, you can contact them on their website –  and search for Restart A Heart. If you want to run your very own session, they have everything you could possibly need in order to do so. 

British Heart Foundation support

Check out the BHF website which breaks down everything that you need, how to use everything and provides you with free materials: posters, social media templates and certificates. They also help you in obtaining the training mannequins necessary for teaching CPR. 

How to organise you own event

You can find out more about organising your own RSAH session by chatting to your regional contact, organised by the BHF here – www.resus.org.uk/events/rsah or how Amalgamate can help deliver a RSAH session for you?

Get in touch

If you need support hosting your WRSAD event get in touch by calling +44 (0)141 244 0181 or email training@amalgamate-safety.com

Why is it is important get involved in World Restart a Heart Day?

World Restart a Heart Day - Why is it so important?
World Restart a Heart Day

As we approach World Restart a Heart Day on the 16th October 2019. The British Heart Foundation has published figures showing that around 30,000 people will have an out-of-hospital heart attack, and therefore will be reliant on the public to assist them until they receive help from the emergency services. It could come as a shock that, despite such a high number of these incidents, less than 1 in 10 of these people will survive. 

Part of the reason for such a low survival rate is a lack of bystander intervention. Lack of knowledge or understanding of what to do has resulted in the average Joe only giving CPR in 1 out of 5 incidents. 

Surviving an out-of-hospital heart attack

Various factors can play a part in the outcome of someone surviving an out-of-hospital heart attack – especially the public’s knowledge of life-saving skills. In fact, performing early CPR (with use of an AED) can more than double those numbers – as shown in other European countries where the survival rate is more than 1 in 4.

The Association of Ambulance Chief Executives have suggested that the UK could achieve the same survival rates as other European countries like Norway (who are currently sitting at a 25% survival rate). They estimate this to mean that 100 more people could be saved per week, roughly resulting in more than 5,000 people per year. 

Teaching CPR – The missing factor

Teaching of CPR is the important factor missing in the UK. Although we are required by law to have a first aider in every workplace, we are rarely taught CPR anywhere else. There are an increasing number of European countries that require citizens to complete a First Aid course in order to obtain their drivers license. This mandate has resulted in higher numbers of the population knowing CPR, which has a domino effect on how many people step up to help those who need it. 

Further Support

Amalgamate are delighted to be supporting World Restart a Heart Day. You can find out more about organising your own RSAH session by chatting to your regional contact, organised by the BHF here – www.resus.org.uk/events/rsah or please contact us on: t. +44 (0)141 244 0181 or e. training@amalgamate-safety.com

Amalgamate are supporting World Restart A Heart Day!

What will we be doing? 


Going back to school

We are super excited to be taking part in World Restart a Heart Day this year and have booked in as many sessions as we can handle. 

This week Amalgamate are going back school at Saint Matthews Academy in Saltcoats and St Benedict’s Roman Catholic High School in Linwood. We will be teaching as many of the kids and staff the basic skills of CPR. Both schools have been incredible in their push to educate their kids in real life skills. This includes Emergency First Aid at Work courses for their 6th year students and we are thrilled to be assisting them in that endeavour.

European Events

Our trainers will also be travelling outside the UK and teaming up with one of our clients, an American multinational computer software company headquartered in San Jose and will be running Restart a Heart Day’s in a number of their key European locations. That means we will be travelling to Munich, Hamburg, Edinburgh and Warsaw the week beginning 14th October.

Our sessions kick off on the 8th of October and we will be teaching until the 18th and the training team are going to be very busy but thrilled to be taking part in something we are all passionate about.

If you would like to get involved in World Restart a Heart Day or would like further information about our first aid courses, you can contact us on t. +44 (0)141 244 0181 or e. info@amalgamate-safety.com

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